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The school may be reached using public transport, namely bus number 196 leaving from Plaça Kennedy, which in turn is reached by several well-connected buses and the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya commuter train.

However, families may wish to use the school bus service, which is provided in two different ways: students may be transported to their homes or travel by shuttle service. The school bus picks up students close to their homes and brings them to school in the morning, making the return trip home in the afternoon.

The route used for this service is determined after registration is complete and once the school year has started it does not change.

The shuttle service follows a set route that includes three locations: Hort de la Vila - Via Augusta – Doctor Carulla i Plaça Joaquim Folguera, with stops at Plaça Bonanova and Plaça Kennedy. These services can be contracted.


  • Morning 1
  • Morning 2
  • Morning 3
  • Morning 4
  • Morning EI
  • Afternoon 3