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Escola Sant Gregori was founded in 1955 by Jordi Galí i Herrera, son of the famous pedagogue Alexandre Galí. Today, this two-class-per-stage school is run by his daughter, Montserrat Galí i Izard. From the beginning, the school’s educational project has been defined by principles based on the ideology outlined below.


1. The school is a non-profit institution that aims to work together with families in the education of the students entrusted to them.

2. To achieve its objectives, the team at Escola Sant Gregori uses proven techniques and enjoys professional autonomy.

3. At Escola Sant Gregori we aim to experience and transmit elements of Catalan life that allow students to fit into Catalan and Spanish society while at the same time integrating values of European civilization and calling attention to the great challenges faced by mankind today.

4. At Escola Sant Gregori we believe it is necessary for students to develop a solid personality in order to acquire a good humanistic education, in solidarity with generations past and with a view toward generations of the future.

5. Escola Sant Gregori is a school that is engaged with its surroundings and as such it strives to maintain and increase the vitality and continuity of the country in terms of respecting its laws and paying attention to the needs of society.

6. At Escola Sant Gregori we aspire to provide a high level of education for common intelligence. Furthermore, we are committed to the integration of pupils with special educational needs.

7. We aim to enable our students to develop well structured minds and a vast range of skills and knowledge: autonomy, discipline and initiative, good working habits and methods, the satisfaction of a job well done, the pleasure of learning, openmindedness, scientific rigour, the spirit of observation and critical capacity.

8. At Escola Sant Gregori we consider complementary activities–theatre, music, plastic arts, swimming and other sport, library activities, languages, camp and summer school–to be a natural extension of the school, beyond the classroom, and an essential path to a more profound development of values such as cooperation and teamwork, as well as the cultivation of the various inherent abilities and emotional skills of each child.

9. At Escola Sant Gregori we consider religion to be an essential dimension of life because it allows persons to develop many virtues. With this in mind, the school is willing to collaborate in the religious education of their students.

10. Escola Sant Gregori could not carry out these duties without the voluntary participation of parents.


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