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The English Club

The English Club is an extracurricular class provided by a native English speaker to provide an informal setting for students wishing to gain more practice in speaking. English today is a very important skill to have and having an adequate mastery of the language can open up far more career and academic opportunities. The English Club aims to be a comfortable and creative space where students can practice what they know without fear of being graded.

Students can expect to benefit from the club by improving their English fluency, raising their confidence in speaking, and giving them more cultural exposure, especially in relation to Canada. Students will be able to obtain immediate feedback on their progress through interactive games, role-playing scenarios like job interviews or travel situations, and discussions on prominent topics in today’s world. Our learning objectives are:

• To provide students with additional support in English conversation in addition to class instruction

• To give students a place to practice the language regularly and frequently in smaller groups

• To facilitate an environment that allows students to make friends while they practice speaking English together

• To allow students to pursue further mastery of the English language in their extracurricular time

• To provide an incentive for studying English

To maximize student participation, students will be required to sign up a week in advance in the English Department office. The ESG English Club is an excellent opportunity for driven students that want to get the most out of their education and for students that are a little bit shy to participate in class; we highly encourage them to take full advantage of it. We had a very successful run last year with Mr. Alex Mader, and we are very excited to be running this club again. Until we meet!

Jovita Chan