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Certificate of Advanced and Proficiency English

Let’s celebrate! This year the English Department at Sant Gregori is especially happy because the results from the Cambridge official exams are out! 8 out of the 9 students passed the Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) and one also even passed Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)! These exams correspond to the C1 and C2 levels in the Common European Framework of Reference and are the highest qualifications in terms of Cambridge University’s official exams.

As you can imagine, both teachers and students alike are delighted with these marks, which are the result of two years of hard work and perseverance. This was a very ambitious project and we are pleased to announce that we have met the challenge we set out to accomplish in 2013.

To celebrate the good news, the CAE Preparation group ate some cookies and carrot cake and had a toast with English tea and juice! Cheers!


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