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Our conversation Teachers

For the past six years, we have hosted English conversation teachers from different English-speaking countries: Canada, the USA and England. This is thanks to the agreement Sant Gregori school has with the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, and now with the University of Lancaster, England. Chris is the current preschool conversation teacher and also teaches some courses at the primary and 1st ESO levels. Jordan teaches the Upper years of ESO and 1st of Batxillerat.

The two conversation teachers live with two different families from the school for five month periods. The benefits of having a conversation teacher at home are not only that your children and family will be immersed in a real English environment but that they will also become familiarized with the culture and interests of the English conversation teachers. In addition, the previous conversation teachers and host families have bonded and created relationships that have lasted for many years. If you are a family interested in hosting one of our conversation teachers and want your children to improve their English communication skills, please contact our secretary for more information and to fill out the family profile document.

Below you can read more about our current English conversation teachers:


My name is Chris Bould and I am 24 years old. I come from the United Kingdom and grew up in the middle of England in a small village called Armitage.

I studied French and German, and took a minor in computer science, at Lancaster university. I particularly like learning new languages and translating. As part of my studies, I spent time studying at university in Graz (Austria) and Geneva (Switzerland). After university, I lived in Hamburg (Germany) for a year in order to improve my German.

Afterwards, I decided that I wanted to learn a new language. I thought Spanish would be a good choice, as I have always wanted to learn it and it is a useful, international language. When I got the position at Sant Gregori I was particularly excited because I would also like to learn Catalan.

Outside of studying I enjoy video games and card games. I also train gymnastics and parkour. I am a qualified trampoline coach and when I was around 15 years old I competed in national competitions. Now I focus my time on parkour (an urban sport focusing on efficiency and freedom of movement outdoors).



My name is Jordan Kantypowicz and I am the English conversation teacher for secondary students at Escola Sant Gregori. I am from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and am a third-year undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. I am majoring in International Relations and minoring in Russian. Before this position, I taught English In Mtispiri, Georgia, to children grades one through twelve, and in Victoria to new immigrants and refugees.

I started my undergraduate degree when I was 25 years old after spending time traveling the world and working for the Canadian Coast Guard. In the process, I lived in 6 countries (not including Spain) and have studied French, Spanish, Russian, and Georgian. I was drawn to the position at Escola Sant Gregori for the possibility to improve my Spanish and learn some Catalan.

Outside of work I enjoy meeting new people, eating new foods, and trying to learn as much as I can about the world. Like any good Canadian, I love watching Ice Hockey and have a fairly serious addiction to maple syrup. I also play guitar, kickbox, practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.